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Winter Lawn Care Tips

When Winter or cooler weather come to mind, your lawn is usually last on the list. Many people underestimate the importance of preparing your lawn in the winter to maximize the benefits of that plush healthy lawn for the Spring and Summer.

Depending on your location, you may have different types of grass and turf. For this article / blog post, we will be referring to the types of turf that we have here in Florida.

Core Aeration of Your Lawn in The Winter

As the fall approaches, your lawn is preparing for the winter by driving its root system deeper to prepare for the cooler temperatures. Providing your lawn with a Lawn Aeration Service will assist with root growth with the removal of small pieces of earth which ultimately allows for more air, water from irrigation or rain fall and nutrients to the root system of the grass.

A Core aeration service will also help reduce thatch in the lawn and minimize build up which helps reduce insect population, various diseases, and fungal concerns like brown patch fungus. Reducing the damage from these probable concerns will ultimately help assist and contribute to a fuller, thicker, nutrient rich and greener lawn in the Spring and Summer.

Fertilizing Your Lawn During The Cooler Months

If you want a healthy lawn you must fertilize it at the proper times, and with the proper nutrients. All lawns require the addition of these major nutrients that make up a fertilizer: Nitrogen which promotes color and top growth, Phosphorus which helps flowering shrubs or northern turf. In Florida most fertilizers will not contain this nutrient as it causes much harm to our waterways. Our sandy soils can be effected by leaching of this nutrient, and lastly, potassium/ potash, which helps with general health and assisting with developing root growth. A quality fertilizer blend will also consist of micro-nutrients such as manganese, iron, zinc, boron etc. Having a lawn spray company such as Imperial Pest Prevention, takes the guesswork out keeping track of lawn service schedules and needs.

Mowing your lawn for the cooler months

As the cooler temperatures roll in, your lawn starts to go through a little dormancy. The top growth starts to slow and lateral movement starts to occur. The frequency of mowing will slow as well. The normal weekly cutting may slow to every other week, then every third, month etc.

The importance at this time is the length you keep it cut at. it is important to not cut your lawn too short as doing so will encourage weeds, fungus concerns and diseases and will result in stress in the turf with less resilience during the winter. You will also notice that your lawn will not bounce back as quickly in the spring as it does with surrounding neighbors etc. The best way to look at is as a comparison by yourself being in the cold. Would you prefer to lay outside in the cold with blanket insulated? or with nothing? The same goes for your turf and lawn, This is why it is important to keep the grass cut at 3.5"-4". This will help assist with the cooler weather.

Weed Control in the Winter Month

The best source of weed control is having a pest control company that provides lawn spray services. Typically, different weeds will pop up at different times of the year. A qualified Lawn spray company such as Imperial Pest Prevention, will provide the proper pre-emergent herbicides which will assist with other weeds in the Spring and Summer. A lawn spray company will also provide the proper topical herbicides to control the stubborn weeds that will utilize nutrients in the soil during the dormant lawn growing months.

Many Homeowners, businesses etc. underestimate the importance of a lawn spray service during these months and opt to skip them or not focus on the applications of the cooler months. Unknowingly, they miss crucial applications that ultimately assist with the spring and summer. A lawn spray service is an all year long program that plays a part with each season. One missed application can have a huge factor in turf regeneration, hardiness and weeds for the coming season.

If you are in need of a pest control company, termite inspection / treatment company, or a lawn spray company, call Imperial Pest Prevention (386) 956-9506 see how we can help rid you of unwanted pests.

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