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Cockroach Infestation?

Have you been seeing bugs or signs of a Cockroach infestation? Cockroaches around your home? Get to know all about Cockroaches in this webpage section. When it comes to seeing roaches one is enough to let you know that you may have a bigger infestation than you may think.  In addition to roaches being unsightly they can also be a health hazard and pose cockroach health risks.  When an infestation of roaches occur they drastically increase the danger presented by these insects.

Health Risks of Cockroaches

Because cockroaches are drawn to human food and prefer the same living environment as humans do they eventually run the risk of contaminating a humans health. Cockroaches have no control over bowels and bodily fluids do they defecate, urinate, and regurgitate on any food sources they eat, in turn this also spreads bacteria, pathogens, parasites, viruses etc. Bacteria that live inside of cockroaches (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) can also be transmitted to humans and cause a wide array of symptoms. Food borne illnesses such as Salmonella bacteria can also be another sickness resulting in cross contamination from.

Cockroaches are also one of the most common allergens reported, especially in children . Symptoms can range from hives, skin irritation, itching and asthma. Check out this video Cockroach Facts 101 for additional information on Cockroaches.





As if it couldn't get worse, it Does! If I was tell you that Cockroaches can feed on a human you would more than like say no way! However, it is true and unfortunate. Documented cases of Cockroaches that have preyed upon humans is a true thing. Those with weakened immune systems, elderly, young, or handicapped that are unable to fend the Cockroach off, can fall victim of this savage behavior. Although this is an unlikely scenario, it has been seen in cases of extreme abuse. Cockroaches , although another rarity, can also enter into your body cavities. Juvenile cockroaches will crawl all over different terrain in your home, countertops, walls, baseboards, carpets, inside of human ears, nose/nostrils, and including your mouth.

Severe Cockroach Infestations

Tips to get rid of Cockroaches

In addition to having regularly scheduled visits from Imperial Pest Prevention, we recommend these measures to help assist our journey to keep your home cockroach free. Tips to prevent breeding of Cockroaches.

Ridding excessive or unwanted food sources and harboring locations is one of the most important parts of a long term successful Cockroach free home. Sanitation of your kitchen, bathrooms, water source locations, dishes, spilled liquids etc. is a must for a Cockroach free home or business.

  • Keep kitchen appliances clean. Cockroaches in kitchen locations can easily sustain themselves from little food sources as small as grease, crumbs, spilled drinks, seasoning etc. The smallest crumb on the floor is equivalent as a giant steak off the grill to a human.  It is imperative to clean under and in cabinets, behind your oven, inside and outside of the refrigerator, small appliances, dishwasher, and any moisture areas such as your sink.

  • Keep cabinets and your pantry clean. Once again, any small crumbs, food spills etc will attract cockroaches and attribute to an infestation quickly.

  • Keep open containers of food secured. Cockroaches, especially juvenile ones are tiny and can easily get into the open packaging. Storing this type of food in hard plastic sealed containers will work wonders keeping the cockroaches away from getting into these locations.

  • Try not to eat in various locations of the home. Keeping food limited to certain areas will help minimize the risk of those spills or crumb droppings that we keep reiterating. Also always be sure to cleanup after each meal.

  • Clean the kitchen and wipe everything down at night. Avoiding food on counters, dishes in the sink, dirty dishes in the dishwasher etc. is a major key in sanitation.

  • Have Pets? Do not keep pet food in open containers overnight. It is important to cover them, or put in a safe place like a refrigerator.

  • And lastly, keep your inside trash cans from sitting with food scraps in them and outside trash bins clean and covered It is recommended to bleach them once a month at a minimum.

  • If you have a multitude of stored items in your home, it is also imperative to do a spring cleaning.

Cockroach Problem Solved

Between the risk of cross contamination, disease, allergens, pathogens etc. these disgusting insects pose on your health and loved ones, It is important  to hire a professional pest control company like Imperial Pest Prevention. We have a wide array of treatment options to protect your home, family, and health. Call us today at 386-956-9506, A qualified office assistant and technician are just a phone call away. Imperial pest prevention guarantees you to be pest free or we will return at no additional charge. Follow this Cockroach Treatment Preparation Sheet to ensure a smooth and successful pest control treatment.

All content within the Imperial Pest Prevention Cockroach web page has been hand written in natural form by Entomologist Jonathan Stoddard and may be subject to copyright.

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