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The Brown Patch Fungus is Among Us!

Brown Patch Fungus
Brown Patch Fungus

As the much awaited cooler temperatures roll in, and we get that much needed break from the Florida sun, We now encounter that fungus that loves these conditions. Fungus! yes, that is correct, not just any fungus, but Brown Patch Fungus.

What is Brown Patch Fungus?

Brown patch is lawn fungal disease caused by the fungi called Rhizoctonia. Brown Patch Fungus begins to show symptoms when temperatures reach 65° however the most prevalent conditions brown patch lawn disease occur at temperature ranges of 80-85° when humidity levels are very high.

The fungus enters through leaf tissue lesions caused by foot traffic, animal tracking, mowing etc.

Once brown patch fungus starts, the fungal disease spreads at a quick rate. It typically appears as a circular area of brown dead grass surrounded by thin, darker colored ring. and is most noticeable in the early morning hours when the turf is at its natural dew point. Brown patch lawn disease From a center point and accelerates quickly. Brown patch ranges from small inch sized locations extending to several feet or meters in other lawns and properties and show no consistency of shape.

What can you do to help?

Avoid nitrogen! Do not apply nitrogen fertilizers to your turf during signs of Brown Patch Fungus. It will accelerate the damage. Avoid mowing and foot traffic, this will reduce the stress and spread of the fungus. Hire a Pest Control Company such as

Brown Patch Fungus
Brown Patch Fungus

Imperial Pest Prevention for a Core Aeration Service. This will allow air to circulate in the soil more freely lessening conducive conditions for Brown Patch Fungus to proliferate.

What Does Imperial Pest Prevention do for Brown Patch Fungus?

At Imperial Pest Prevention we can employ a lawn treatment program to help reduce the damage and minimize brown patch fungal infections on your turf. Learn more about turf facts and our Lawn Spraying Programs. At Imperial Pest Prevention, we take brown patch lawn disease seriously due to the damage it will cause to your lawn. If you suspect this fungus may be infecting your lawn, contact us


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