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Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

Your Pest Control Services look precisely like what we need!

How do I receive a quote for my home?

Imperial Pest Prevention makes it as easy as a phone call away. Contact us at (386) 956-9506, and we will gladly provide a pest management services quote.


Why Should I Hire a Professional Pest Control company when I can attempt to do it myself?

Insects are incredibly resilient and harbor much difficulty to an untrained eye in locations. An Official Pest Prevention specialist is aware of such sites and can make expert recommendations on what is necessary to eradicate these pests. A licensed pest control company also has products that are much more effective than those sold over the counter at "do your own pest control" stores,  which helps deliver precision pest prevention. Also, online pest control courses can vary from state to state, making it difficult for a homeowner to achieve desired results. Local pest control companies will have direct experience with the pests you are seeing and have much more experience ridding you of these pests. 


How long after the initial professional pest control spray treatment before I see results?

Results will vary according to the type of pest concern you are having. Upon arrival, your Imperial Pest Prevention technician will talk with you about insect concerns. After determining the severity of infestations, we treat them accordingly. Some pest removal services, such as wasp nest spray, will notice immediate results. Severe German cockroach infestations can take a few months for total eradication. Your pest control technician will outline your insect concerns and expectations.


What type of pest control treatments does Imperial Pest Prevention offer?

Imperial Pest Prevention is a full-service Pest Control Company. We handle residential, commercial, and industrial pest control applications. We do everything from Ant Pest Control, Cockroach Extermination, Bed Bug Removal Services, Spider Pest Control, Flea and tick Spraying, Best Rodent Control, Rodent Exclusion Services, and Silverfish Treatments.


I think I have Termites. Does Imperial Pest Prevention treat termites?

Great question. Imperial Pest Prevention does indeed treat termites as well. We offer Subterranean Termite Treatments, Termite Spot Treatments, Tent Fumigation Services, and WDO Inspections.


I think my pest problem is in my lawn and shrubs. Does Imperial Pest Prevention spray lawns?

Imperial Pest Prevention provides Lawn Spraying Services, Lawn Aeration Services, Shrub Spraying, Palm Tree Treatments, and Citrus Tree Care.


Why Do Bed Bugs, Fleas, and Ticks require more than one treatment to control?

Bed Bugs, Fleas, and Ticks are direct spray insects. Residuals are not as effective on parasitic insects. These pests are also easily transferred between locations and can quickly hitchhike from host to host. Identification of the infestation source is critical to control. Finding the source may help assist in fewer treatments being needed.


Why should I continue with regular pest control services if I no longer see pests in my house?

Regularly scheduled pest control services help eliminate problems before they arise. Pest control offers an invisible barrier of protection that protects the home and assists in eliminating pests before they can congregate. A proactive pest control program will keep your family and home much safer.


Are Imperial Pest Prevention's pest control services safe for my pets and family?

Unfortunately, pesticide reactions are a question that we cannot answer directly. All humans and pets are individuals. Chemical sensitivity can vary from pet to pet and person to person, especially in those who may be elderly or have existing health conditions. We recommend that all persons and pets leave the structure for at least 4-6 hours after a pesticide application. However, this seems to be the safest way to avoid any pesticide concerns is not a guarantee. All persons considering a pest control service must make a conscious decision to understand that pesticides are capable of causing harm.

Does Imperial Pest Prevention follow Integrated Pest Management?


Yes, however, the definition of integrated pest management varies. Imperial Pest Prevention applies pesticides to target pests while minimizing the effects of non-targeted insects. Imperial Pest Prevention formulates our official pest prevention programs with that in mind. Our goal is to rid you of pests with precision pest prevention while protecting the environment.


How do I prepare for a Pest Control Service?

Please see our comprehensive video on "How to Prepare for a Pest Control Service." Remember, if you have pets, We always recommend that all persons and pets leave the structure for at least 4-6 hours after a pesticide application. However, this seems to be the safest way to avoid any pesticide concerns is not a guarantee. All persons considering a pest control service must make a conscious decision to understand that pesticides are capable of causing harm.

I think I am ready to hire Imperial Pest Prevention. How do I schedule an appointment?

Once again, Imperial Pest Prevention is just a phone call away at (386) 956-9506. Once we receive your call, we can discuss your concerns and schedule the best pest control service.


Is it safe if I store a credit card with Imperial Pest Prevention? Will I be automatically charged?

Your credit card is safe in an encrypted system, and the technicians will not have access to those numbers, nor will your payment information be printed on any documents. Your credit card will only be charged on your pest control service's day unless you have chosen to prepay.


What form of payments do you accept?

We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Checks, and Cash, or you can Pay Online.


Are your Pest Control Services from Imperial Pest Prevention guaranteed?

If you see pests or insect activity while you have our service give us a call, we return at no additional charge for service-related callbacks whose account is in good standing.


Are your Pest Control Services Covid-19 compliant?

Since restrictions have lessened, Imperial Pest Prevention technicians still frequently sanitize our hands, wear appropriate masks when requested in your home, and practice social distancing upon request. We also offer COVID-19-approved sanitation services for homes. Contact us if you have questions.


Do Imperial Pest Prevention service technicians receive a background check?

We run detailed background checks and urine analyses before employment. We also go as far as to check references.


Is Imperial Pest Prevention insured? 


You can rest assured that you are dealing with a fully licensed and insured company. The Florida Department of Agriculture also licenses us.


Do I have to be present for my Pest Control Service?

No, you are not required to be home for prepaid pest control services. Please note that someone 18 or older must be present if someone wishes to be at the property during pest control treatments.


I see that you are in the Daytona Beach area. Do you offer Pest Control Services Near Me or to other locations?

Yes, we offer Pest Control to St. AugustinePalm Coast, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Deland, Deltona, Sanford,  Orlando and throughout Volusia and Flagler Counties of Florida. 


I still have a couple of questions. What should I do?

Imperial Pest Prevention is just a phone call away! Contact us at (386) 956-9506; we will gladly answer any other questions.

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