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Pest Control Company For Fleas

Pest Control Company For Fleas Near Me

If you have stumbled upon this page, it is safe to tell you more than likely have some pet in the home or wildlife that may visit your home or stroll across your lawn. Although fleas and ticks are completely different parasitic insects, they have similar habits that confuse them. Fleas and Ticks are parasites, meaning they survive off a host to survive. In the case of Fleas and Ticks, they pierce into a host, draw nutrients crucial to the insect's survival, and feed until engorged. All of this is done at the expense of the pet, human, child, or whatever host the fleas have chosen. Because Fleas and Ticks can nest indoors and outdoors, treatment options vary, and different methods must be used. It is challenging for a homeowner to tackle flea and tick problems independently since, typically, the host has to be treated, the lawn has to be treated, surrounding shrubs have to be treated, and obviously, the inside of the house. Therefore, correctly identifying Fleas and Ticks from a pest professional like Imperial Pest Prevention is crucial to a successful treatment.

An Imperial Pest Prevention qualified office associate or trained technician will be able to go over treatment options recommended by spray programs that will suit and tailor your specific needs. We are just a phone call away at 386-956-9506.

Local Pest Control Company For Fleas

Fleas and Ticks can be a difficult task for a homeowner. For partial control of these insects, keep the inside of your home thoroughly vacuumed.
Discarding the vacuum debris outside the home in an outside garbage can is also essential.
Bathe your pet and follow a veterinarian's suggestion of an appropriate recommended shampoo and topical treatments. We are not Veterinarians and can not elaborate on products directly for pets.
The sooner you call a pest control professional like Imperial Pest Prevention, the better. Due to the equipment used, the vast majority of treatment locations, and a wide array of products, it is almost a never-ending battle for a homeowner without seeking a pest control professional. Follow this  Flea and Tick Pest Control Service Preparation video to ensure the most successful pest control treatment.

Flea Pest Control Near Me

With a regular pest control program, lawn spray treatmentsshrub spraying from Imperial Pest Prevention, and at-home diligence, your home will remain Flea, Tick, and other pests-free. Remember, Imperial pest prevention guarantees your home to be pest-free, or we will return at no additional charge. Our friendly office staff and technicians are just a phone call away; contact us or call us at 386-956-9506

All content within this flea and tick webpage has been handwritten by Entomologist Jonathan Stoddard and is subject to copyright.

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