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Difference Between Mice and Rats

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One of virtually everyone's mutual mistakes is the inability to tell the difference between mice and rats, mainly because both rodents look alike and act like manners. Rodents have a destructive nature and can indirectly pose a threat to the health of humans. After all, they have been known to transmit Hantavirus, pathogens, cross-contamination to food sources, etc. When humans encounter rodents, they typically are not so concerned with identification, but more so of how to get a rodent exterminator out to there house ASAP. However, for those interested in determining the Difference Between Mice and Rats, this pest blog dives right in and will have you an expert on the matter in no time.

The following are factors that can help in differentiating a mouse from a rat. They are as follows:

What's the size difference between mice and rats?

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Closeup Image of Mouse

Great question! One differentiating factor between mice and rats is their sizes. This might not be the most apparent factor since both can be of numerous sizes, especially depending upon each. A rat or mouse can be either big or small. However, compared to rats, mice have a propensity to be smaller in size. Rats are 12 – 15 inches long in adulthood, while mice measure around 4-8 inches long. Therefore, if you see a larger rodent in your house, there's a high likelihood of it being a more mature rat.

What is the difference between a mouse and a rat tail?

Another great question! Mice have tails that are usually longer compared to the body length, mostly full of hair, and thin. Rat tails are thicker and often hairless, with a waxy appearance. Tail length may be as a result of their sizes and age. A small mouse tail is expected to be short, while a larger rat's tail is longer. The tail of either rodent will grow until adulthood. However, this is partially correct because a rat's size does not guarantee that its tail will also be small. Another factor for identification is that a rat's tail is usually pinkish, while a mouse tail has the same color as its body due to the coating of hair on it.

What's the Difference Between Mouse Poop and rat Poop?

And once again, another great question! Another interesting factor that can be used in differentiating both mouse and rat droppings is their waste size. In this instance, you don't have to see the rodent before you can identify their nature. Let their droppings identify them. Both mice and rats have no control over their bowels. They will urinate and defecate without warning in any location. The rodent feces left behind will help determine The Difference Between Mouse Poop and Rat Poop. Mice droppings are usually longer than that of a rat, while a rat dropping is more prominent in size and round in shape. Mice have longer, more pointed droppings. Rat droppings are often larger due to their size. If you discover rodent waste in your home or attic, it is important to properly identify it from a Rodent Exterminator.

Do mice and rats behave the same?

This is a not so common question, but still, a good one that can help identify the difference between rat and mouse behavior. Rats and mice do not behave like one another and have different behavioral patterns. Despite their difference in sizes, a mouse appears to have more wits. They are bold, daring, extremely cautious, and pay attention to detail. The mouse can easily detect that trap you just set out and will more than likely avoid it. It is best to employ rodent baiting tactics for mice because of this reason. Rats also are very cautious and run at a fast pace. Both rodents can be difficult and weary when dealing with rat traps set up to exterminate them. It appears that when they are juvenile, they fall for trapping rather quickly, but at other times, a mature rodent that has been around for a while may be a task at hand to catch. If you suspect rats, mice, or rodents in your home or business, it is best to search for Rodent Control Near Me in a browser search on the internet to find a pest control company to help assist.

A head-on approach to distinguishing the difference between a mouse or rat.

Sometimes just as people vs. other animals, we can look at one's head to determine we are not the same as the species we are looking at. The same goes for mice and rats. Rats and mice have different shaped faces. A mouse's head has a more triangular shape than that of the blunt nosed rat. If you are close enough to either to pay attention to detail, you are probably to close for safety! However, if looked at closely, it is apparent that mice have much more round and soft ears compared to the rat, who typically has shorter ears of his more narrow head.

Rat Pest Control Near Me

If you find rodents, mice, or rats in your home, it is extremely important to see a qualified pest control company to assist. Rodents can cause a plethora of problems when introduced into your home. they can range from the introduction of parasites, electric fires from chewing, and obviously viruses. As mentioned previously, a good internet search on google for rat pest control near me will pull up a qualified rodent exterminator in your location. If you are in the greater Daytona Beach locations of Florida, contact us, Imperial Pest Prevention. We proudly offer our extermination services to Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Deland, and Deltona locations of Florida. Contact us.

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