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Termite Treatment Company Near Me

Imperial Pest Prevention has established itself as a leading termite treatment company, renowned for its wide array of services to combat and safeguard against termite infestations. We recognize the extensive damage termites can cause and, therefore, offer a diverse and effective suite of treatment options tailored to each client's unique needs.

Our approach begins with liquid treatments, which involve creating a chemical barrier in the soil around a property. 

This method is not only effective in eliminating existing infestations but also serves as a robust preventive measure against future termite ingress. Complementing this, we employ Termite Bait Station treatments, a strategic method involving placing bait stations around the property. These stations attract termites, which then feed on the bait and carry it back to their colony, effectively reducing the colony size over time.

Our Tent Fumigation Services offer a comprehensive solution in cases of extensive infestations. This involves covering the entire property with a tent and administering a fumigant that penetrates all areas, ensuring the complete eradication of termites, even in the most inaccessible places.

For localized termite activity, our Spot Treatments are an ideal solution. These treatments are targeted to specific areas of infestation, providing a quick and effective remedy without the need for more extensive interventions.

Understanding the importance of continuous protection, we also provide Full Perimeter Treatments. This involves treating the entire perimeter of a property to create a continuous barrier against termites, offering long-term protection and peace of mind.

For new constructions, our Construction Pretreatments are essential. We apply preventive treatments during construction, which helps safeguard the structure from termite attacks immediately.

At Imperial Pest Prevention, we pride ourselves on our ability to address any and all termite-related concerns. Whether it's a residential home, commercial property, new construction, or a specific area requiring attention, our expert team is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience to provide the most effective termite treatment solutions. We are committed to protecting our client's properties from termites' costly and destructive impact. When treating wood-destroying organisms, you have options.


These Organisms and insects will cause destructive damage to the home to the point that they may become structural and ultimately result in expensive repairs. Suppose you suspect a termite infestation or see insects around. In that case, contacting a pest control specialist like Imperial Pest Prevention at 386-956-9506 to perform a WDO inspection and discuss Termite and Wood Destroying Organism treatment options is best. Below are some treatment options that are available from Imperial Pest Prevention.

Different Types of Termite Treatments

Termite treatments vary widely, each tailored to specific situations and types of infestations. The most common approach is liquid treatments, which involve applying a chemical barrier in the soil around a property, effectively blocking termites from entering. This method is highly effective for both eradicating current infestations and preventing future ones. In contrast, Termite Bait Station treatments focus on attracting termites to bait stations strategically placed around the property. Termites feed on the bait and return it to their colony, gradually reducing the colony size.

For extensive termite problems, Tent Fumigation Services are often employed. This process involves enclosing the entire property in a tent and introducing a fumigant that permeates all areas, ensuring thorough eradication of the termites. Spot treatments are used for localized infestations, targeting specific areas with precision and effectiveness and offering a quick solution without extensive intervention.

Additionally, Perimeter Treatments provide ongoing protection by treating the entire perimeter of a property, creating a continuous barrier against future termite invasions. Construction Pretreatments are applied during the building phase for new constructions, offering foundational protection against termites from the outset. Each of these treatments has its unique advantages and can be chosen based on the severity and location of the termite infestation, ensuring effective and lasting termite control.

Borate Wood Treatment Company

Borate is a powder or liquid Used at Imperial Pest Prevention, which helps protect the wood from termite infestations and other wood-destroying organisms such as wood-decaying fungus. Borates are readily absorbed into unfinished lumber, creating a barrier that eliminates termites from eating the treated locations. This termite treatment works best to protect vulnerable areas of the home that cannot be readily repaired, such as subflooring, floor joists, exposed studs, crawl space framing and sills, attic trusses, and rafters. Borate treatments help stop wood-damaging insects from infecting adjacent untreated wood locations. We at Imperial Pest Prevention recommend this treatment for any crawlspace or attic. It also works very well for those choosing to do remodeling and who want to treat lumber locations before sealing up the studs or framing in a wall.

One thing that many customers like is the fact that it is a natural selection of the control. Borate consists of oxygen and boron. When termites feed on treated wood, borates slowly disrupt the metabolic functions of the insect. Because it acts gradually and is undetectable to termites, termites are social; the borates eventually prevent the termites' food processing, causing those insects to starve to death.

Termite Bait Stations Vs. Liquid Treatment

Dating back to Pre 1989, Chlorinated hydrocarbon was the preferred product for termite liquid control, and a good reason. These products were phenomenal at controlling termites and lasted a very long time. They were fantastic for termite control, but they started appearing in municipal water supply testing as time passed. Safety concerns caused a quick halt and resulted in a ban resulting in the banned products.

Liquid termite treatments are most used as preventative and corrective measures to help prevent or correct subterranean termites. Imperial Pest Prevention utilizes nonrepellent treatment products containing Fipronil, like Termidor. This choice of product providers' superior results is cost-effective for a homeowner and has an extremely high success rate vs. termite bait stations year after year. Full-service termite treatments will vary from home to home, depending on the home's size and construction.


  • This barrier is designed to last five years before requiring additional re-treatments.

  • This barrier is odorless, colorless, and tasteless to termites allowing termites who pass through a treated zone to become unknowing carriers of the termite treatment, resulting in the contamination and eradication of the whole infected family of termites in that colony.

  • This effective termite treatment is also safe for the environment without causing adverse environmental reactions.

Termite Spot Treatment Company

Termite Spot Treatments are another termite treatment offered to homeowners and businesses. The Downside to this type of treatment is that it is complicated to guarantee termites' spot treatments. Termites are hidden destroyers that remain hidden and can be in more than one affected location that may show symptoms of an infestation.

Spot treatment is usually for a highly localized, isolated location. It is the delivery of a termiticide into a site or void where termite infestation symptoms may be present in the attempt to control that localized area. It is still a shot in the dark regarding a treatment success rate, as termites may be present in more prominent sites that may be hidden. Imperial Pest Prevention will not deny a consumer a spot treatment, but we will educate the purchaser of that service. Hence, they have a clear decisive choice going into that decision.

Local Termite Treatment Company Near Me

With regular WDO Inspections, a Termite Treatment Policy, and a pest control program from Imperial Pest Prevention, your home will stand the best chance of remaining Termite and other pests-free. We offer guarantees for you to be pest-free, or we will return at no additional charge. Contact us with questions; our friendly office staff and technicians are just a phone call away at 386-956-9506. We will gladly meet with you or our clients to educate the best possible termite treatment solution for your home. We do it all, whether tent fumigation treatment, spot treatment, or a subterranean termite treatment soil service. 

All content within this termite treatment web page was written in natural form by Entomologist Jonathan Stoddard and is subject to copyright.

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