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Palmetto Bug Treatment Company

Have you seen Palmetto Bugs? Water Bugs? or signs of a Cockroach infestation? Read on and learn all about Cockroaches and Palmetto bugs. When it comes to seeing Palmetto bugs, a common occurrence in Florida, one may tell you that you might have a bigger problem than you think. In addition to Palmetto Bugs being unsightly, they can also pose health hazards and cockroach health risks. When Palmetto bugs infest, they drastically increase the danger these insects present.

Because Palmetto bugs are drawn to water sources and human food, they prefer the same living conditions as human homes. Having Palmetto Bugs will drastically increase the risks of contaminating the health of your household. Palmetto bugs defecate and release their bowels by urinating and regurgitating any food sources they encounter. Palmetto Bugs spread pathogens, bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Bacteria inside Palmetto bugs have also been known to transmit to humans, resulting in various sicknesses. Palmetto Bugs have also been responsible for food-borne illnesses such as Salmonella bacteria from cross-contamination of food. Palmetto Bugs are also a culprit of allergens and asthma in children. 

How To Get Rid Of Palmetto Bugs

Besides regular pest control applications from Imperial Pest Prevention, we recommend these Palmetto Bug Elimination Tips to help you keep your home Palmetto bug Free—tips to prevent the breeding of Palmetto Bugs.

Eliminating unwanted food sources, water-damaged areas, moisture-ridden conditions, and harboring sites is one of the most critical factors in a successful long-term plan to eradicate the Palmetto Bug. Sanitation kitchens and bathrooms are a must for a Palmetto Bug-free property.

  • Keep kitchen appliances clean. Palmetto Bugs in kitchen locations typically result from moisture areas like your sink. Palmetto Bugs pass through small voids to access kitchen locations, mostly from cracks in slabs and holes around plumbing access points. Sites such as this should be sealed if noticed. Many Palmetto Bugs inhabit and nest in sewers. Once the Palmetto bug gains access to your home, they transmit bacteria and Viruses throughout the kitchen by tracking various kitchen areas.

  • Keep cabinets and your pantry clean. Again, Palmetto Bugs will readily feed upon locations of fallen food. Areas like these will readily provide a food source.

  • Keep open containers of food secured. Palmetto bugs are less likely to inhabit and seek to feed upon food boxes than other cockroaches. However, storing foods such as these in lock-tight plastic or glass containers is still possible and always safe.

  • Try not to eat in various locations of the home. Be sure to clean up after each meal. Palmetto Bugs will readily feed on crumbs. The more places you frequent to eat, the more likely you will leave behind food sources.

  • Clean the kitchen and wipe everything down at night. Palmetto bugs love moisture locations. They will readily migrate toward dishes, spilled products, and food sources. When you sleep, the Palmetto bug is most active.

  • Have Pets? Avoid open food containers left overnight when possible. Keeping them in a safe place like a refrigerator is ideal. Lastly, do not feed wildlife; not only are Palmetto Bugs drawn to the exterior food sources, but so are rats, raccoons, armadillos, and other wildlife.

  • Keep your inside and outside trash cans covered. Sitting with food scraps inside the trash cans and outdoor trash bins should be clean and protected. Bleach them monthly at a minimum.

  • Spring Cleaning. If you have rooms starting to accumulate stored items, it is best to eliminate harboring locations periodically. Especially garages!

Pest Control For Palmetto Bugs

Are the risks of cross-contamination, pathogens, diseases, and viruses not enough for you to call a Palmetto Bug Exterminator? Then maybe the detrimental health risks associated with Palmetto Bugs are. Hiring a Palmetto bug pest control company like Imperial Pest Prevention is vital if you see Palmetto bugs. We have specific Palmetto Bug treatment options to protect your loved ones. Call us today at 386-956-9506. Our Palmetto Bug Exterminator services guarantee you to be palmetto Bug-free, or we will return for free. Follow this Palmetto Bug Treatment Preparation Sheet to ensure a Palmetto Bug-Free home.

All content within this cockroach web page was handwritten in natural form by Entomologist Jonathan Stoddard to ensure pest control industry experts and is copyrighted.
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