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Typically, in Florida after winter, your lawn may not look the greatest. The lawn may have suffered some winter stress, fungus lesions, and even frost damage. Florida Lawns, even after winter can stake some time to respond until the soil temperatures start to gradually increase and match the ambient temperature outside.

A key to kickstarting the lawn into a smooth transition in the right direction is an aeration service. All lawns over the years experience heavy rain, foot traffic in some locations, as well as natural shifting of soil and roots, etc. When this occurs, the soil becomes compacted and starts to reduce the oxygen levels in the soil When this occurs it limits the amount of air that can reach the roots which inhibits the amount of carbon dioxide the lawn can release. A byproduct of this is a less than stellar appearance of the lawn. 


What is a Lawn Aeration?


A Lawn Aeration is a process of mechanically removing small plugs of soil using a core aerator from the lawn. The purpose of this service is to enable a better flow air around the roots of the Lawn which enables nutrients from your "Imperial Green" lawn spray program, and rainfall to more effectively be utilized by the lawn. The ultimate result is a healthier and stronger lawn. 


Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn


Aeration is a key service to a healthy thriving lawn. With the removal of the compacted soil, the lawn has more potential for expedited growth space to grow with the ability to strengthen the root system. An Aeration Service also helps to remove thatch which when overgrown, can inhibit the uptake of fertilizer, nutrients, and water from penetrating the soil. A Lawn Aeration Service will also promote a greener lawn that will thicker, healthier, and have a stronger root system. Lawns with healthier root systems result in less weed growth competing for nutrients, less stress from heat, less damaging during times of drought, and less to prone to Chinch Bugs and Lawn destroying insects.

Lawn Aeration Frequency & Recommendations


Timing is key when determining the effectiveness of a Lawn Aeration Service.  Here in Florida, with warmer grass types such as St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Bahia, we recommend this service to be performed between April and July for the warmer months and between September and December in our Location of Florida for the normal Fall application. If you are in a northern region, it is not advised to do the Fall application due to and early dormancy of the Lawn. We at Imperial Pest Prevention recommend having the lawn aerated twice a year along with our normal Lawn Spray program.

Ensuring a Beautiful Lawn - Problem Solved


With a regular Lawn Spraying Program and Lawn Aeration Services from Imperial Pest Prevention along with a little monitoring of your Lawn, we can assist your Lawn in standing the best chance of remaining disease-free, insect-free, and stress reduced. Remember, Imperial pest prevention guarantees you to be pest free or we will return at no additional charge. Our friendly office staff and technicians are just a phone call away 386-956-9506.

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