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Pest Control Company For Ants

So, you have those pesky ants trailing or crawling around your cabinets? Maybe your countertops? Sink? You get the hint! No matter where the ants may be in your home, they are annoying! Ants can have wide varieties with many different habits. Because ants nest indoors and outdoors, pest control treatment options vary, and various methods must be executed. Therefore, correctly identifying the ants from a pest control professional like Imperial Pest Prevention is crucial to a successful pest treatment.

An Imperial Pest Prevention qualified office associate, or trained pest control technician can review pest treatment options and recommend exterminator spray programs that suit and tailor your needs. We are just a phone call away at 386-956-9506.

Pest Control Company For Ants Near Me

Because ants crawl on various exterior or interior locations, they can contaminate your home's surfaces with multiple pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. Sanitation is one of the essential steps to eradicating the ants and your pest control service from Imperial Pest Prevention. Most ant treatment programs will not be successful long-term if a homeowner or renter fails to implement this.

Ridding excessive or unwanted food sources is one of the critical parts of a long-term successful ant-free home. Sanitation of your kitchen, bathrooms, water source locations, dishes, and spilled liquids is necessary for an Ant-free home or business.

  • Keep kitchen appliances clean. Ants in kitchen locations can easily sustain themselves from minor food sources such as grease, crumbs, spilled drinks, and seasoning. To a human, the tiniest crumb on the floor is equivalent to a giant steak off the grill. It is imperative to clean under and in cabinets, behind your oven, inside and outside of the refrigerator, small appliances, dishwasher, and any moisture areas such as your sink.

  • Keep cabinets and your pantry clean. Once again, any small crumbs or food spills will attract ants from afar.

  • Keep open containers of food secured. Ants are tiny and can quickly get into empty packaging. Storing this food in hard plastic sealed containers will keep the ants from entering these locations.

  • Try not to eat in various locations of the home. Keeping food limited to certain areas will help minimize the risk of those spills or crumb droppings that we keep reiterating.

  • Clean the kitchen and wipe everything down at night. Avoid food on the counters, dishes in the sink, and dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

  • Have Pets? Do not keep pet food in open containers overnight. Covering or putting them in a safe place like a refrigerator is essential.

  • And lastly, keep your inside trash cans from sitting with food scraps and outside trash bins clean and covered. It is recommended to bleach them once a month at a minimum.

Ant Pest Control Company

With a regular pest control program from Imperial Pest Prevention and these helpful sanitation tips, your home will remain Ant and other pests-free. Remember, Imperial pest prevention guarantees you pest-free, or we will return at no additional charge. Our friendly office staff and pest control technicians are just a phone call away at 386-956-9506

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