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Hurricane Season Pest Control Tips

Hurricane season brings with it a range of potential risks, including everything from flooding to downed trees. A lot of people do not consider how these environmental issues affect pests, encouraging them into your home. Standing water and fallen trees can force pests to look for safe shelter on higher ground, which often means your home. However, knowing some good pest control tips for hurricane season is always worthwhile so that you can be prepared.

If pests are already a concern, contact Imperial Pest Prevention for speedy and professional pest control services. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get rid of the pests.

In the meantime, take a look at the following tips to ensure your house stays free of pests regardless of what happens with the weather.

How to Prepare Before a Hurricane

The best way to discourage pests from coming into your home when the bad weather hits are to follow these tips and keep the critters at bay:

  • Seal the House: Whether you're expecting a hurricane or a pleasant sunny day, sealing your home is a critical way to keep it pest-free. Check around your windows and doors, along with foundation and walls both inside and outside the house.

  • Clean the Gutters: You might be wondering why you should bother cleaning these before a hurricane, but pests often choose this part of the house to hide. When you factor in standing water, you have a mosquito breeding ground and potential water damage, creating access points for pests to get indoors.

  • Replace Damaged Wood: Any rotting or damaged wood needs to be replaced before hurricane season starts in earnest. Any damaged areas will weaken the infrastructure and be attractive to termites. Check window and doorframes as well as outside sidings and replace any damaged or rotting parts.

  • Bring Outside Items Indoors: Furniture, plant pots, and toys can be dangerous with high winds. Also, anything that can hold water after a storm is going to attract mosquitos.

  • Schedule Pest Control Ahead: After the storm is not the best time to deal with pests, so make sure you schedule pest services ahead of time.

What to Do After a Storm

When the bad weather has passed, there are some things we recommend you consider to keep your house free of pests:

Dispose of Debris and Trash: Depending on the storm's severity, there can be debris to clear up, along with disruption to trash pickup and other local services, plus possible power outages. Keep spoiled food in airtight bags to deter cockroaches and rodents. Please clean up the property as soon as it is safe to do so.

Drain Standing Water: The excess water after a storm is sure to attract mosquitos since it is where they prefer to lay their eggs. Make sure you drain any standing water around the house before the mosquitos come.

Look for Damage: Torrential rainfall, flying debris, and hurricane-level winds can all cause damage to your property. Seal up any access points created by this damage and repair them when it is safe.

Get the house Inspected: Schedule an appointment with the exterminators if you have pest issues at your property. They can set traps and spray for pests, plus give you the best advice about keeping pests out of your home.


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