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Prevent pests with Hurricane Season approaching !


With hurricane season approaching Florida in the near future and some already named storm systems in the Atlantic ocean, bugs and pest control do not seem like they should be in the same sentence. In fact it appears to be one of the most underrated services that a homeowner or business owner would consider having during such a stressful time. This blog is going to give those scratching their head trying to figure out why.

Weather has a profound effect on many insects and rodents. So much that they are able to sense it coming. With evolution, they have managed to survive millions of years, have encountered heavy rains, floods, extreme wind etc. With that being said, they survive because of adaptation, evolution and the ability to seek shelter. At this point, I am sure you are seeing were this conversation is going. That is right! They seek refuge in homes such as in attics, wall voids, or even in the structure with you and your loved ones!

What the common homeowner does not always realize though is the danger that this can cause to your home and health. That is right, you heard the word health. As insects and rodents manage to find their way into your home they are constantly eliminating waste. Urine and feces even from small insects and rodents can wreak havoc on your respiratory system, digestive system etc. As insects and rodents defecate they also walk through it which in turn can be carried onto food prep surfaces, counters, cabinets, clean utensils, glassware and tableware. Even the cleanest of house keepers could still easily jeopardize the health of their household unknowingly. This is reason number one to have a pest control company such as Imperial Pest Prevention. Frequent barriers and pest applications from a licensed pest control exterminator who knows were to apply the insecticides will prevent these pests from making a home of your home. Still not convinced?

How about if I told you these pests can not only cause health concerns but could indeed also cause damage. That is correct, as rodents and other insects move into your home, they naturally create a nesting site. Many pests will utilize wall voids to nest. The same location were electric, home insulation and lumber are located. With moisture that some of these pests bring in, they can cause things as simple as small amounts of moisture in the walls, to much larger concerns as electrical shortages with the possibility of causing conducive conditions for electrical fires or secondary insects such as termites that can damage lumber in your walls and result in costly repairs.

Some pests such as rodents can even go as far as to nest in your attic. Rodents untreated nesting in your attic can cause major concerns. Rodents have no control over bowel movements and deposit urine and fecal matter frequently throughout insulation which results in not only smells but possible allergens and health concerns for the ones living in your home. These same rodents have an insatiable desire to chew. In doing so they have been known to chew holes in duct work allowing the rodent airborne fumes from waste to now travel directly into your home. This now also creates an entry point for them to drop down from vents and make there way directly into your living quarters. With that being said the chewing can now extend as far as gnawing of furniture, appliances cabinetry etc. Lastly and one of the most damaging concerns untreated rodents can lead to is wires and electrical. That is right, the ever constant growing teeth of rats and mice need to be manicured and wore down. The electrical wires in your attic is the last place you want these pesky critters to nibble on. If rodents decide to take this route they can cause expensive damage repairs with such drastic cases as fires in your home that can ultimately lead to a loss of your home.

As you can see, pest control services play an underrated importance on the priority list of many homeowners and renters. With hurricane season in the cross hairs and the unpredictability of storms, pest control services for your home and business are even more so of importance. The heavy wind, rains, displaced habitat from broken tree limbs, fallen trees etc. will cause the migration of pests to find new homes such as yours. Don't let this be you! Remember, pest control companies such as Imperial Pest Prevention have been helping homeowners and business owners for years with keeping unwanted pests away. It is as simple as a call away, 386-956-9506. Ask us about our pest control specials when calling.

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