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Make Your Home Rat-Free Throughout the Winter

Rats and mice are usually active all year round. While other creatures may retreat to survive during the winter, these rodents become more active. And guess what? Their activities during the winter are not restricted to outdoor environments alone. Rodents love cooler weather.

If you make your home habitable for rats to survive in, they sure wouldn’t mind spending the winter with you and your family. Scary right? Well, below are a few things to watch out for if you wouldn’t have those disease-carrying creatures near your home this winter.

Don’t Give Rats A Reason to Visit Your Home.

If you don’t want to spend the cold months waking up to a toppled kitchen bin and rat poop around your home, don’t even give rats any reasons to visit. Click this pest control blog post if you need help identifying rodent droppings. Rats are warm-blooded, and a warm cozy environment, like a corner in your kitchen, will make a great winter spot for them. So, once they visit, they’ll most likely move in – with their family if you’re unlucky.

Rodents will also find it difficult to obtain food when everything is covered in snow. Luckily here in Florida, we do not have that problem. They’ll make a run at anything that looks like a food source – including your home.

So, to keep rats out of your home this winter, try to keep your house as rat-tight as possible. Fix and close up openings from which rodents could gain an entrance into your home. Rodent exclusion services performed by a licensed exterminator will work miracles keeping rats and mice out of your home. And since they can use their teeth to carve out entries from the tiniest of holes, ensure that not even a ¼ inch wide hole connects your home to the outside environment.

Ensure to clear out things like wood or debris piles that can serve as shelter for them. Also, trim three branches close to your roof and windows to keep rats from climbing in through them. Also, avoid leaving nuts, fruits, and veggies to rot in your garden. If you must use them as hummus, let them decompose in tightly sealed bins.

Also, ensure that your house is always tidy, as rats are more comfortable in disordered places. Do not leave leftovers and trash uncovered, and ensure that food crumbs are swept and disposed of properly.

Clean your house regularly, and pay special attention to the spaces underneath your kitchen appliances. You don’t want to leave out food particles rats can feed on in those places.

Empty and wash your pet food cans whenever they’re not in use, and ensure that your surrounding is not littered with pet droppings.

Also, keep your fresh and uncooked foods away from the reach of rodents. Rats will resort to them if wastes and leftovers are not available. Use air-tight containers made from glass or stainless steel for dry foods and store the fresh ones in the refrigerator.

Rats will undoubtedly pounce on any water source they find around your home. And, of course, they’ll love to hang around after the first sip. So, always inspect the water faucets in your yard, and ensure that there are no leakages.

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