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Kill Termites and Wood Rot with Borate

Boron formulation

Lets welcome......Drum Roll, please..... Borates! A nontoxic salt that combats a host of wood-destroying organisms such as Drywood termites, wood-decaying fungus, and wood-destroying beetles. Borates work in a wonderful way to penetrate the wood and kill wood destroyers such as termites, anobiid beetles, lyctid beetles, wood-decaying fungus and Drywood Termites.

Borates were not so popular in the earlier times being that many toxic chemicals used to be the majority method by pest control companies for killing wood-destroying organisms. As time prevailed and science adapted, this simple means of a natural product proved itself to be effective and had phenomenal results. In the past, a method for prevention was pressure-treated wood and the use of chemical ground poisoning. Again, as time and with research, borate proved to be just as effective but with much fewer health risks associated.

Borates are harmless unless an individual has an allergy they do not know about. Like salt, borate is also water-soluble. Imperial Pest Prevention, the hired pest control company, will take measures to keep the borate from leaching from the wood and will use special precautions.

What are Borates?

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Great question! Borate is a naturally occurring salt that is mined in geological saline deposits from Chile and the Death Valley. These locations had been noted that insects would not inhabit these locations due to the Borates. Borate in the form of the brand name Borax has been used by consumers as a laundry additive for stain removal boosters. Boric acid is another well-known bug killer insecticide. Unlike pesticide chemicals, borate doesn't kill bugs instantly. It allows Wood Destroying Insects and termites to ingest borates along with the cellulose. Once they feed and share with the colony, the borate's enzymes will kill the insect.

How is Borate Used as an Application for Insects?

Borate insecticide application

Borates are used in a variety of consumer, commercial, and industrial formulations. They are marketed in several different forms and brands. Some major brands are Timbor and Bora-Care. It also comes in different forms such as soluble powders, liquids, granular, powders, dust, emulsifiable concentrates, baits, solids, paste, and as additives for other pest control products. Borates are water-soluble and are used in locations where they will not be leached from irrigation, rain or groundwater.Because borate uses moisture as a carrier, it's extremely effective for the control of subterranean termites as this species of termite creates mud tubes that contain moisture which will readily absorb the borate.

With Borate, it is important once it dries to keep it that way. Failure to do so will cause the borates to wash off of the wood and render it ineffective. This pertains only to those locations such as exterior exposed to irrigation and rainfall. Relative humidity of the ambient environment will not affect it in this way as borates can cycle through normal wetting and drying as long as the moisture remains on the surface of the wood and isn't washed off. Locations such as Attics and Crawlspaces as long as they are not painted or contain a sealant will typically not be affected by moisture, and for this reason, stand the best chance of longevity for protection.

Daytona Beach Pest Control Company

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If you are seeking protection for Drwood Termites, Powderpost Beetles and other wood destroying organisms, we recommend you first have a WDO inspection (wood destroying organism inspection) performed. A WDO inspection will allow the pest control company to at least inform you of the findings and the best termite treatment options. Borate is not always the best option for all termite related findings. In extreme cases, a tent fumigation company may be needed. If you suspect termites or need a WDO inspection, contact Imperial Pest Prevention at 386-956-9506. We are a full-service pest control company that handles bed bug treatments, lawn spraying company needs, pest control, and all termite treatments.



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