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Benefits of Zoysia Grass For a Lawn

There are various grasses one can consider when choosing the type of grass to use for a lawn. However, before selecting the best suitable grass, it is advisable to consider different essential factors that can determine your choice of grass, and they include;

- Texture

- Growth speed

- Mowing

- Cultivating

- Drought conditions

Zoysia Grass is one of the best grasses for a lawn because of its advantages compared to other grasses. For instance, Zoysia grass has a softer texture than Saint Augustine grass. Consequently, mowing the grass is much easier, and the grass is not so hard under bare feet. Also, Zoysia grass does not grow as quickly as Saint Augustine grass, and it produces less foliage. The lawn owner does not have to worry about having to mow as frequently with a zoysia lawn. A Zoysia lawn fully establishes itself between 12 to 18 months. Once well established, it can produce underground plants called RHIZOMES. The underground plants enable the Zoysia to be drought tolerant.

During the winter season, there are areas where the Zoysia grass will be dormant. These areas are primarily northern and north-central areas of Florida. When the Zoysia lawn is completely dormant, the turf appears brown in a uniformed way. However, when the Zoysia grass comes in and out of a completely dormant state, it causes the turf to have green and brown patches. Compared to other grasses, Zoysia grass turf is the last to become green again during springtime.

To immensely enjoy Zoysia grass for your lawn, take note of the following information;

Watering Requirements of Zoysia Grass

Grass Being Watered

Zoysia grasses proliferate better in moist, well-drained soil. It does not flourish in an area that sustains too much water. Though Zoysia grasses strive well during drought seasons, Zoysia turf requires frequent watering to give it a green and pleasant appearance. Be sure to check out this blog post on lawn watering tips every home owner should know for a comprehensive in depth tutorial on watering your lawn, and best practices.

Mowing Requirements of Zoysia Grass

Trimming of Grass on a lawn

Some things to consider when mowing your lawn, mainly a Zoysia grass lawn. A Zoysia lawn's health depends on the appropriate height and frequency of when the property is cut. One known Zoysia grass varieties are called Empire. This type of Zoysia plant requires a mowing height of 2-2.5 inches. Other varieties such as Geo, which is amongst the dwarf varieties, should be trimmed at the height of 1.5-2 inches. The period for mowing should be when the grass is one-third higher than the recommended mowing height. However, it is advisable to reduce the first mowing height by one-third during spring. To get a quick green turf, Imperial Pest Prevention recommends that the mowed grasses be separated in a bag to enable sunlight to penetrate the new shoots budding from the rhizomes. Keeping the lawn manicured properly is also a great tip for keeping ants out of a lawn.

Is Zoysia Grass Drought Tolerant?

The components that permit a Zoysia grass to be drought-tolerant is its capacity to adjust into a latent condition under drought circumstances. During this state, the turf changes from ordinary brown to grayish brown. This characteristic serves as an advantage over other grasses. For instance, Saint Augustine grass will wither under dry conditions, but it will frequently regain its green and flourishing appearance if watered often. However, under the same condition, a Zoysia grass will not wither but turn brown; it will require new growths to cover up the brown ones. This is Why Spring is the Best Time For a Lawn Spray Service.

Under severe drought conditions, it is improbable for St. Augustine grass to recover without replacement, but Zoysia grass will ultimately recover. In conclusion, Zoysia grass is the best choice since it performs well in the sun and drought. However, Zoysia grass's disadvantage is that it is prone to diseases such as brown fungus issues and dollar spots. We receive countless calls from homeowners asking "What are these brown spots in my lawn?" The good thing is fungus concerns can readily be treated. If you live in Volusia County, or Flagler County of Florida, and seek a Lawn Spray Company to handle all of you St. Augustine, Bermuda, Bahia, or Zoysia lawn care needs. Contact us.


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