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Do you Like Weed?

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Wait! What? Weed? NO!!!! not weed but weeds! Do you like weeds in your YARD? Of course you don't. Follow these tips along with a lawn spray service such as the one Imperial Pest Prevention offers to keep those undesired plants from growing in your GRASS!

Set Your Mower Blade at the Right Height to Control Weeds

Grass Cutting

Cutting your turf grass too low weakens and stresses it. Longer turf grows stronger, more resilient, healthier, plus it helps to inhibit the growth of weeds.

Different types of grass have ideal mowing heights. Here in Florida with most having St. Augustine turf, I recommend 3-1/2" to 4" in. This will make for a strong health insulated lawn. Imperial Pest Prevention recommends that you also mow your lawn frequently enough to keep it within that range.

Proper Watering For your Lawn


This is a big one. Many times I see our customers watering 2-5 times a week. While in the peak of summer without any natural rainfall, 2x a week can be sufficient, there is no excuse for having the water on more frequent than that unless you have brand new sod or seeds freshly planted. Lawns need one to two inches of water per week.  Do not over do it or you will promote disease, fungus, and weed growth.  When there isn’t sufficient rainfall, water deep enough to promote root structure growth.  The true definition of watering properly is 3/4" to 1" of water at the first sign of wilt. Because lawns may require different times on different zones, this can be checked by putting out equal sized cylindrical cans and watering the zones until you fill the appropriate amount. Turn off the zone after achieving the proper amount and you now know how long to run those particular zones. Allowing the lawn to go into a mild wilt will promote root growth to strengthen the turf as well.

Lawn Spray Company

lawn spray company daytona beach

The next major component to that beautiful lawn is a good pest control company. The lawn spray company will be the one who will handle the appropriate fertilizing program and frequencies, treatment of weeds with herbicides, pre-emergent of weeds and fungus control along with insecticides. If you are looking for pest control in Daytona Beach or its surrounding areas, look no further than Imperial Pest Prevention. A name you know and trust! 386) 956-9506


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