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Daytona Beach Property Owners' Ultimate Cockroach Control Guide

Cockroach on a floor

Is your home split in multiple rooms or have a detached building? These kinds of houses are common in Daytona Beach, Fl. Many residents have to walk through there own homes; some may have to venture outdoors to external laundry rooms or guest houses.

Cockroach infestations in the house are a big turn off. They make the walk to the laundry room or any other part of the house a nightmare. If you have to go outside to do your laundry, the minute you turn on the lights, they scurry away so fast your skin will crawl.

Even if they're just outside your doors, it's only a matter of time before they find their way inside. Roaches make very casual trips around the house and find the smallest of locations to enter through.

Florida Roaches

Four categories of common roaches in the greater Daytona Beach area homes are listed and analyzed below.

American Cockroaches

These were originally native to Africa. They are common and are the largest types around. They prefer to live in places where moisture is high such as in the kitchen cabinets and basements. They are often brown or red.

German Cockroaches

They are tan to light brown. Though smaller than the American cockroaches, they are a big nuisance in the area.

Oriental Cockroaches

These are the ones with a kind of glossy finish on their backs. They feed heavily on decaying matter and so prefer to be around your yard.

Smokey Brown Cockroaches

These are the flying monsters. If you've ever had a cockroach fly above your head to the laundry, you most likely have encountered these species.

They have the darkest shade of brown or black among all the roaches in the area.

How Roaches Get Inside

Dead cockroaches from an infested refrigerator

Cockroaches have been known to be experts at hitchhiking. They are cunning and able to hide on your luggage to get into your home.

If you buy a pack of electronics from the store, they can hide in the carton until you get home. As soon as you're inside and not looking, they quickly escape and find a place to hide.

What makes them more dangerous is their ability to transfer pathogens to your home. Cockroaches spend a lot of time visiting garbage cans, sewers, and other contaminated sites.

They can bring all that microbial load into your house and leave them all over your sink, refrigerator, and cabinet surfaces.

Their abilities to make your home stink is another problem. By living in your house's cracks, they can leave their droppings behind and create allergic reactions for you and your pets.


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It's crucial to quickly swing into action to prevent roaches from taking over your house. Maintaining top-notch hygiene is an excellent first step. Take out the garbage and keep your home decluttered.

Leave no food crumbs around for them to feed on and store your food promptly. It would be best if you also sealed all open cracks where they may be coming through. Always check your purchases to ensure you haven't given a roach a free ride to your home.

To do more comprehensive prevention and control, you should reach out to experts in pest control. We offer thorough and continuous control services.

Contact us today to get the nuisance out of your home and make those laundry trips enjoyable again.

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