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Christmas Beetle, of the soon to be Past?

Christmas Beetle

Christmas is almost here already! At this time, you'll begin to find things like tinsels, Christmas trees, stockings, strings of lights, and Christmas Beetles around your home.


Christmas Beetles?

Aren't Christmas Beetles some pesky bugs?

What then should they be doing in my home this holiday?

You asked the right questions.

The only problem is that Christmas beetles have shiny ornamental bodies. They also have the red and green colors most of your Christmas decorations have. And they prefer to creep out of hiding during the Christmas season! The downside is this little beauty is Insect populations have been declining worldwide.

A handful of these beetles could easily complement your colorful Christmas decorations – if you don't mind them destroying your vegetation. Yes, do not be tricked. They're not as harmless as they look. Luckily we are in Florida and do not have to encounter this variety of beetle.

Christmas beetles earn the name because they are native to South Africa and Australia and love to hang around people during Christmas. Unlike most of America and Asia, South Africa and Australia experience summer during Christmas, and these bugs sure love to enjoy the sun.

More than 30 species of the Christmas beetle in Australia alone and each species can live up to 12 to 24 months. Their eggs hatch from the end of November to late February, and young beetles need warmth in those months. This timing is the reason why you'll likely find them around you as you sing Christmas songs and unveil your gifts in Australia and South Africa.

As you're preparing to jingle the Christmas bells, be careful not to get carried away. These bugs can devour every single eucalyptus leaf in your garden within the twinkling of an eye. They also feast on grasses and the roots of green plants. So, ensure to watch out for their presence as you bask in the red and green aura of your Christmas decorations.

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