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Silverfish in Your Home or Attic?

Have you directly seen silverfish in your home? Maybe noticed little holes in your books? boxes? clothes etc.? Or did you see the small distinct feces that look like black pepper. Although Silverfish typically do not pose harm to a human, they can be destructive to your stored items. These nocturnal primitive insects have been around for millions of years dating back before the time of dinosaurs!

Now that we just informed you about that little tidbit of information, I am sure the real facts that you want to know are what they do. Silverfish love to consume sugar and carbohydrates. They will readily feed on boxes of food, books, stored papers, family photo albums, insulation, important papers that have been stored, etc. With, some of the damage they cause will not be so upsetting, but that stored social security card, title to a vehicle, clothing, etc. can be sure to have a day ruined after the discovery.

If you are seeing silverfish, droppings, or damage from these nuisance pests, you need pest control. An Imperial Pest Prevention qualified office associate or trained technician will be able to go over treatment options, recommended spray programs that will suit and tailor your specific needs. We are just a phone call away 386-956-9506.

Tips to Keep Silverfish Away

Silverfish do not have to destroy your belongings. Imperial Pest Prevention is here to help. Follow these guidelines along with our pest control services to rid yourself of these prehistoric destroyers.

  • Limit the silverfish food sources by storing dry goods that come in bags or boxes in more airtight plastic or glass containers.

  • Allow Imperial Pest Prevention to do an attic and crawlspace dusting for your home. Results are efficient and work wonders for silverfish control.

  • Control moisture in your home, crawlspace, attic, and/ or basement. Silverfish thrive off and are attracted to moisture locations. Products like electric dehumidifiers can work wonders. If on a budget, Damp rid pails do a great job assisting with the removal of dampness.

  • Vacuum your carpets and upholstery frequently, Clean flooring. This helps to remove small food particles. Remember, that small crumb to a silverfish is as equivalent to a giant steak off the grill to you and me.

  • Keep your gutters free of debris and buildup. This helps to avoid organic compost from building up which inhibits the water to flow away from your home property.

  • Ensure any opening or gaps are sealed.  Openings around windows, settlement cracks, etc. should be well caulked.


Silverfish Problems Solved

With a regular
pest control program, recommended attic, and crawl space dusting service from Imperial Pest Prevention along with a little housework, your home will remain Silverfish and other pests free. Remember, Imperial pest prevention guarantees you to be pest free or we will return at no additional charge. Our friendly office staff and technicians are just a phone call away 386-956-9506.

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