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Things that Attract Termites to Your Home

Every homeowner tries to maintain the market value of their property. But things like termite infestation can reduce the value of properties.

How can I keep Termites away?

Termites, just like other insects, nest in places where they can find food. They feed on soft and rotten wood, so termites- especially subterranean termites- readily build their colonies around untreated lumber. Such termite colonies can be so large that it can infest lots of properties around an area.

Drywood termites, on the other hand, for instance, can survive without much moisture so that they can build their colonies even in homes without rotten or damp woods.

Here are some phenomenal tips you can employ to avoid a termite infestation in your home.

Avoid keeping piles of wood around your home.

Termites love to nest around firewood and woodpiles. When you keep these items close to your home, you're inviting termites into your home. To avoid this, you must keep woods off the ground and at least 20 feet away from your home.

Clear dead trees and stumps

Stumps and dead trees attract termites, especially in their rotting stage. To prevent termite infestation, you must clear dead trees, excess foliage, and stumps around your home.

Trim tree limbs and leaves

Termites can quickly get into your home through tree limbs and leaves. Regularly trimming the leaves of trees in your yard can discourage termites from getting into your home.

Keep mulch far from your foundation.

Just as termites are attracted to wood, mulch also serves as a food source for termites. To avoid termite infestation through the mulch, you must keep mulch as far as 15 or more inches away from the foundation of your house.

Clear clogged gutters

When leaves and dirt accumulate in gutters and begin to rot, the excess moisture could soften your roof's wood and create a breeding place for termites. Always clean your gutters to prevent termite infestation.

Signs of Termite

Even if you don't see a termite in your home, there are a few signs that could indicate that you have a termite colony in your property. They include:

  • Termite wings: Termite wings- which they drop after mating- is an obvious sign of infestation.

  • Frass: These are tiny brown droppings that termites excrete. They resemble specs of wood.

  • Mud tubes: Termites move from their colony to food source through mud tubes. Mud tubes are potent signs of termite infestation.

  • Structural damage: If you notice a damaged wood, it's best to contact a pest control company to ascertain if termites caused damage.

Few things to know about Termites

  • Termites eat wood, paper, and any other object that is made of cellulose.

  • Termites don't eat plastic, but they can destroy plastic to get to their food source.

  • Termites don't eat concrete, but they can hide in wall cracks and crevices.

  • Contrary to popular belief, boric acid isn't the best substance to use to kill termites. While it may kill a few termites, boric acid cannot destroy the entire colony.

The most effective way to exterminate termites is to hire a pest control company to do the job. We have the expertise and professional experience needed to rid your home of termites and all kinds of insects. Contact us today to book an appointment.



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