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Are you ready to learn all about rats and rodents? The cute name for the dreaded "R" word (rat) that creeps most homeowners out. Everyone knows that this furry destructive rodent can wreak havoc once they are able to make their way into a home. There has been many documented cases of rodents chewing wires which can lead to fires, saturating insulation with urine and feces, chewing duct work etc. It is no secret that Rats and Mice are known for their ability to breed at a rapid rate, which means they multiply at an alarming rate. One rodent seen could mean many more are around and not found just yet. That’s why it’s important to call a professional rodent control specialist such as Imperial Pest Prevention click this link here for Rat Facts 101.

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Now that we have discussed the damage our furry intruders may cause, lets dive deep into the real Rodents and disease facts and dangers, the health risk, diseases etc. Rats and mice can carry a multitude of diseases and pathogens that are capable of causing extreme danger humans,  Rodent feces, bites, urine, cross contamination of food prep areas etc. Rats and mice have also spread diseases to humans and children through parasites that have been feeding on rodents. Mites, ticks and fleas are commonly frequented with utilizing rats and mice as a feeding host. One bite on an infected rodent is all it takes! 

Rodent Infestation?
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Rodents are not always out in the open immediately for someone to determine they may have an infestation, or one starting. The quickest way to find out if you may have an infestation is call a pro like Imperial Pest Prevention. We have staff that is expertly ready and trained to immediately find signs of rodent problems or infestations. What do we look for you asked?

Our Rodent  inspections consist of but are not limited to exterior and interior of the property. We target all of the entry points that a rodent may be able to finagle his small collapsible body into.  These entry points are generally located in open soffits, fascia boards, stack vent pipes in roof, off ridge and ridge vents, Air conditioner lines that flow in or under a home, window frames, failed weather stripping etc.

Attic inspections usually give away this hidden culprit as tats and mice have no control over bowels and continually defecate and urinate as they please. This distinct smell of the urine is a tell tale sign of an infestation along with the rodent droppings. One call to Imperial Pest Prevention will confirm either the good news you wanted to hear, or the bad, you were pretty sure you already knew. The important thing to remember is that we can handle this for you with flawless and speedy success rate.

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