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Are you looking for beautiful shrubs and trees on your property? Do you have the desire to have the nicest looking shrubs, trees, and lawns on the block or in the neighborhood? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then look no further. The "Imperial Green" Shrub spray program will do nothing less than deliver results. Not only do beautiful shrubs and trees make your home and property more appealing, but they also catch the attention of the surrounding neighbors. A shrub service like the "Imperial Green" program is also a line of defense in a pest control program. When you employ Imperial Pest Prevention's  "Imperial Green" shrub and tree spray service program we will provide a custom-blended nutritional program that has been scientifically formulated for your shrubs and landscape to flourish.

Our "Imperial Green" Shrub and Tree spray service program is also environmentally friendly and is customized to all our client's specific Shrub needs. Our "Imperial Green" shrub service includes but is not limited to:

  • Inspection of the property before treatments

  • Custom Blended shrub fertilizers and nutrition with micronutrients

  • Systemic Insecticide applications

  • Topical insecticide applications for quick knockdown of Spiders, Ticks, and Shrub Feeding Insects, etc.

  • Fungicide applications when needed

  • Customized service work orders with checklists for communication

  • Shrub and Tree Recommendations upon completion of Shrub Spray Services


Imperial Pest Prevention's "Imperial Green" shrub and trees spray service program will be executed by members of our team who have extensive backgrounds in Shrub Beautification services that deliver results.

Providing the Most Beautiful Shrubs


Imperial Pest Prevention spray specialists are the most thorough in the industry. Your designated spray specialist will also be trained to point out any concerns on the property that may impede on the maximum "Imperial Green" spray program so that those concerns can be addressed to balance out the perfect program for your tree and shrubs to maximize results. Communication is a key factor that many other Shrub Spray Companies fail to deliver. Our ornamental spray specialists come equipped with all the tools needed to deliver the highest quality shrubs available for your property.

Imperial Pest Prevention customizes your ornamental fertilization services based on your property's needs directly so that you receive the most tailored needs for your shrubs and trees. Our "Imperial Green" program will deliver all necessary micronutrients, nitrogen, and other needed nutrition targeted for all of your shrubs.

Imperial Pest Prevention Cares About Our Environment

Imperial Pest Prevention is committed to the beauty and care of your shrubs and property, and in doing so we also use precautions to minimize the risk and strive to protect nearby waterways and Wildlife.

Imperial Pest Prevention is compliant with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and enforces the rules and regulations that are put in effect to do so. We are "Blackout Compliant" in the counties which have mandates and we also are also "Best Management Practices" certified.

All Imperial Pest Prevention services are also performed using Integrated Pest Management practices with precise measurements while doing any of our pest control services. This helps to minimize any excessive pesticides and insecticides to non-target organisms while we service your shrubs and trees.

Most Beautiful Shrubs Delivered


Manicured shrubs and trees can increase the value of your property and give your family and pets the protected security and safety they deserve to feel. With a regular Shrub Spraying Program from Imperial Pest Prevention along with a little monitoring of your property, we can assist your shrubs in standing the best chance of remaining disease-free, insect-free, and stress reduced. Remember, Imperial pest prevention guarantees you to be pest free or we will return at no additional charge. Our friendly office staff and technicians are just a phone call away 386-956-9506

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